Our Symbol




A combination of white and red which make pink, represents the Metis Nation. Red is the colour of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, a sign of his love for us. Also this colour is symbolic of past and present wounds of our people. Blue is the colour of the healing which has begun. White is the spirit God in our lives which brings healing and wisdom.

The cross is the sign of our Saviour Jesus Christ, present in us all. Finally, the large outer circle which encompasses all, has two meanings. One, it is the sign of the Creator. Two, it is a sign that everyone is welcome here in this circle of love and family.

The eagle is a spiritual symbol. It’s eyes and face express fortitude needed by our people to express firmness in spirit to achieve our goals of self expression in our faith. The bright eyes express clarity and vision of things to come in our Church. The eagle is a sign of new life, new hope and new vision for us as a holy people of God. It’s wings which overlap the circle, reminds us of the great gift of freedom which our Creator has given all creation.

The colours on the outer edge of the four directions, red, yellow, black and white represent all humanity. Red represents all the First Nation people, while the other three colours represent the other three groups of peoples on earth. This gives us the inclusiveness which we experience here at Sacred Heart Church of The First Peoples.